Plant journal for November 2022

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The plants

We have four plants in our home:

  • Edgar, the ivy on top of our cabinet
  • Fatma, the ficus at the living room window
  • Ole in Anna's office
  • Dagmar in the living room
  • Rasputin, the rosemary in the kitchen

Edgar is in good condition and enjoying life. Fatma is also doing fine. Ole and Dagmar have fungus gnats. We set up traps and put matches in their pots but that didn't help. Now, I will try to put sand on top of the soil and see if that helps. I also tried to buy nematodes but they seem to be unavailable at the moment. Rasputin looks grumpy and dry. Anna thinks he died but I keep watering him. We will see.


Author: ilhan özgen xian

Created: 2022-12-12 Mo 22:19