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In general

Lectures have started, which keeps me busy. The weather got cold and the days got short, so we stay at home most of the time. We watched Inventing Anna on Netflix and Ze Network on RTL+. The first one is based on the story of con artist Anna Sorokin and the latter is an absurd spy thriller with David Hasselhoff. Both are very good.

On Twitter

Musk recently bought Twitter and now it's become a neverending spectacle. I followed it—with schadenfreude—in the beginning, but now it has become tiresome.

Jacob Banks

I've discovered the soul singer Jacob Banks. He has an album called Lies About The War, which is just glorious. My favorite songs are the acoustic Coolin and Here Lies the Man That Never Changed.

Publish or perish

Reviews for the SERGHEI paper are completed. We will now work on properly addressing them.

I started working on Rachel's hillslope research again. I hope to get some results until the end of the month.

Talking is silver

IAHR Young Professionals

Rachel presented her work on hillslope ecohydrology at the IAHR Young Professionals Congress. She talked about the simulation of microtopographical controls on soil water moisture and subsequent plant water stress for the so-called PLM hillslope in East River Watershed, Colorado, USA.

EGU General Assembly

Conrad, Ralf, Daniel, and I submitted a session proposal for EGU 2023 with the title Overcoming the demons of the past. It has been accepted for the preliminary programme. The session aims to collect contributions that deal with new approaches to close the conceived gap between field data and hydrological models.

Franziska, Mikael, and I are working on an inter-disciplinary submission to the EGU 2023 that deals with urban hydrology.

Team building

I'm looking to fill a PhD candidate position (50% TVL E-13)! Write me an email if you would like to work with me.

Reading for pleasure

I'm reading Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by N. N. Taleb. In general, Taleb writes in a very opiniated manner and I tend to be suspicious of this kind of voice. The concept of antifragility is very interesting though and I will keep reading.


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