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zettelkasten   emacs

[2022-06-18 Sat]

Zettelkasten is an approach to note taking and knowledge management. In this approach, the notebook consists of atomic nodes with the following properties:

  1. Each node has a unique id
  2. Each note contains one idea
  3. Each node links to related ideas
  4. Each node may have tags (optional)

Several digital solutions for maintaining a Zettelkasten exist. I think the solution put forward by Y. Herklotz is straight-forward and feature complete. It is the implementation that I also use.

build emacs from source   emacs

[2022-06-10 Fri]

git clone

unmark emails in gnus   emacs

[2022-06-10 Fri]

Emails marked as important in other email programmes can be unmarked in gnus through M-u.

my emacs   emacs

[2022-05-23 Mon]

Here is a link to my emacs configuration file.


the family law   film

[2022-06-07 Tue]

The Family Law is an Australian sitcom about a Chinese-Australian family that gets through a divorce. The teenage son, Benjamin, is the protagonist, who in addition has to come to terms with his own sexuality. Best show I watched this year.


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louise chen   music

[2022-06-18 Sat]

Everyone should listen to Louise Chen—for example, her Boiler Room x FLY Open Air 2022 set.

the hague soul   music

[2022-06-15 Wed]

Makam — The Hague Soul

the college dropout   music

[2022-06-09 Thu]

Kanye West — The College Dropout


iahr world congress 2022   work

[2022-06-18 Sat]

I am travelling to the 39th IAHR World Congress in Granada, Spain. We are organising a special session, where we will compare different shallow flow equations-based hydraulic models with each other. Looking forward to see old acquintances and making new ones.

uwi guest lecture   work

[2022-03-30 Wed]

I'm giving a guest lecture for the Urban Water Interfaces Research Training Group, TU Berlin.

lab update   work

[2022-01-31 Mon]

Dr. Mikael Gillefalk is joining my lab to work with me on isotope-aided ecohydrology.