On buying a used car in the US

Tue Oct 19 21:44:40 2021

We bought a used car in September 2020. Here is what I learned.

Things to know before buying a car

When buying a car

After you pay for the car, the seller gives you the car’s title. This document comes with an application for title transfer. You fill the application out together, and you both sign it. You keep the entire document, which you must present to the DMV.

After buying a car

After buying the car, the transfer in ownership needs to be registered with the DMV by the buyer. Most dealerships do this for you. You can also do this yourself at the DMV, or you can ask your local AAA to do it. The DMV also offers online title transfer. You will need to pay a sales tax, which depends on which state you live in.

Additional cost

In addition to what you pay for the car and the sales tax, you may have the following expenses: