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01/02/2022 Abstract on hyperbolic Boussinesq groundwater flow model has been accepted for presentation at the {39th IAHR World Congress} in Granada, Spain, 2022. with A. Navas-Montilla
11/14/2021 I joined Technische Universität Braunschweig, Brunswick, Germany as {Assistant Professor of Modelling Urban Environmental Interfaces}. Institute of Geoecology, Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources
10/03/2021 Rachel Johnson's abstract on identifying runoff generation mechanisms through integrated hydrological modelling has been accepted for presentation at the {2nd IAHR Young Professionals Congress}. with R. Johnson, S. Molins


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01/18/2022 On org mode
01/16/2022 Hack elisp solutions for academic needs
01/16/2022 On emacs


01/20/2022 Science literacy
01/19/2022 Collapse studies
08/20/2021 Writing a teaching statement
06/04/2021 Peer-reviewing


01/21/2022 Making US-style pancakes
01/21/2022 Baking french baguette
10/19/2021 Buying a used car in the US
01/16/2022 People I follow
01/24/2022 Bookmarks

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