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When I was younger, I reflected a lot about my own identity and wrote two short stories (in German) about being Asian German:

  • Özgen, I. (2013). GRI, freitext, 21.
  • Özgen, I. (2012). Punk Rock in Gelb–Weiß, in: Bastarde der Globalisierung, Yellow Press – Band 2, korientation e.V., Berlin, Germany.

Sadly, they are not available online anymore.

When I was even younger, I wrote a satirical review of a music festival I attended (in Turkish):

  • Özgen, I. (2006). An Enquiry Considering BarışaRock/Karşı Festival, in: Pink Floyd and the Sundance Kid, online°.


I collaborated on a rap song under the name Lil' Han Brother:

  • Young Chino and Lil' Han Brother (2017). Dim Sum Rap, soundcloud°.

I used to play bass in a band called Pearly Pint. We recorded one demo:

  • Pearly Pint (2014). Discurtain Your Heartbeat As A Triplet, bandcamp°.


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