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A handpicked list of articles that I like. Inspired by mretka@emacs.ch.

Jenny Hanover Someday my friends may all be mothers
Justin Murphy Personal knowledge management is bullshit
Randall J. LeVeque A well-balanced path-integral f-wave method for hyperbolic problems with source terms
Maggie Appleton The expanding dark forest and generative AI
Helena Fitzgerald the only good coffee is bad coffee
Jodi Dean Neofeudalism: the end of capitalism?
Chung-hong Chan Academic Twitter (satire)
James W. Kirchner Catchments as simple dynamical systems: catchment characterization, rainfall-runoff modeling, and doing hydrology backward
Nadia C. Your politics are boring as fuck


Author: ilhan özgen xian

Created: 2023-05-16 Tue 21:47