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Research statement

Imagine the amazing good fortune of the generation that gets to see the end of the world. This is as marvelous as being there in the beginning. — Jean Baudrillard, Fragments

{Winter is coming.} Climate change has pushed the hydrological cycle of the earth out of statistical stationarity. We are frequently observing unprecedented floods and droughts. The environmental system's response to such hydrological extrema is difficult to predict from existing observation data.

Physically-based mechanistic models can predict the system's response to previously unobserved extrema. The results of such model runs give insight into the environmental system's inner working and help to develop strategies to increase its resilience. The challenge of these models is that they must consider a broad range of interacting processes, which makes them computationally expensive. However, current abundance of computational resources makes running data-rich, large scale simulations possible.

Given {the environmental impact of such expensive computational models}, it is important to use them consciously. Data-rich, high-resolution model runs are valuable to explore scientific hypotheses and deepen fundamental process understanding. My research focuses on using these understandings to develop computationally less expensive models for engineering applications.

Research interests

Generally speaking, I'm interested in theoretical and computational {fluid mechanics}, {applied linear algebra}, and a subset of {earth science} that relates to water flow.

In specific keywords, my research interests are:

Current work

My current research focuses on modeling flow in the hydrosphere.


I contribute to the following research codes:

I also keep a small number of incomplete prototypes for exploration purposes in {this repository}.




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