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Fri Oct 7 16:02:50 2022. shen (2018). keyword: model-free approaches; context: machine learning

Thu Sep 29 20:04:40 2022. equihua et al. (2020) on information theory:

[…] it has been proposed that indicators based on information theory can bridge the natural and human system elements, and make sense of disparate state variables of the system (cabezas et al., 2005).

Tue Sep 27 14:25:25 2022. antifragility is a property of a system that indicates that the system thrives as a result of stressors and shocks. this property is explained in taleb (2012) and taleb & douady (2013). the concept has been applied to ecosystems in equihua et al. (2020) — 10.7717/peerj.8533. from there, i quote:

… equihua and co-workers embrace a complex systems approach in which ecosystems are considered as self-organized entities constrained in their structure […] and function by thermodynamic dissipative system properties (kay, 1991; regier, 1995; manuel-navarrete, kay & dolderman, 2007; michaelian, 2005) and evolutionary processes (levin, 2005).

see also ulanowicz (2003) and ulanowicz et al. (2009).

Mon Sep 26 16:24:25 2022. flow through porous media can be disentagled into a fast advective component in the large pores and a slow diffusive component in the soil matrix. kleidon et al. (2013) and zehe et al. (2013) describe preferential flow using thermodynamic principles. in contrast, jackisch & zehe (2018), construct a lagrangian, stochastic–physical model framework.

Tue Sep 20 12:52:42 2022. thermodynamic limits — applied to sequence of energy conversions — can quantify their limits to provide basic estimates for processes on earth. they operate near thermodynamic limits that represents an evolutionary target. steady state is not thermodynamic equilibrium. thermodyn. description of earth processes allows to formulate everything in terms of energy and entropy fluxes. on kleidon et al. (2016).

date unknown. cited from beyer & penna (2021). some of these issues have been discussed in recent works (penna et al., 2018; barbeta et al., 2019, 2020; beyer et al., 2020; sprenger and allen, 2020; von freyberg et al., 2020)

date unknown. matthias literature suggestions:

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