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Information for students

These notes are used in the module Urban Ecohydrology that takes place each summer term and is part of the specialisation ``Modelling flow and transport in the Critical Zone'' in the Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering master programmes. In this module, we lecture for twelve weeks. The lectures have primarily been developed by Dr. Mikael Gillefalk.

A rough schedule of our twelve weeks together is as follows:

Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Ecohydrology
Week 3 Blue–green infrastructure
Week 4 Urban rivers
Week 5 Urban climate I
Week 6 Urban climate II
Week 7 Cooling effect of urban green
Week 8 Evapotranspiration
Week 9 Infiltration
Week 10 Urban karst and urban groundwater
Week 11 Methods of urban ecohydrology: Measurements
Week 12 Methods of urban ecohydrology: Modelling


The Apocalypse is present, in homoeopathic doses, in each of us.

— Jean Baudrillard, Carnival and Cannibal


Thanks to Dr. Mikael Gillefalk, who helped me develop these notes for the course Ecohydrological Modelling at Technische Universität Braunschweig. These notes were written as part of the Juniorprofessorship programme funded by the state of Lower Saxony.


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