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bu dervişlik bir dilektir


I'm an Assistant Professor at Technische Universität Braunschweig, where I lead the Theoretical Ecohydrology Lab. Our research aims to better understand tree–water relations. We focus on model-based hypothesis testing and model development. We co-develop the ecohydrology module of the high-performance portable code SERGHEI° and the plant hydraulics code SurEau-Ecos°.

I used to develop methods for computational hydraulics (2011–2018). Then, I worked on computational hydrology, using coupled surface–subsurface hydrological modelling to understand catchment scale spatiotemporal patterns and processes (2018–2022). Here, I saw that the vegetation dynamics tend to dominate the water cycle in most terrestrial systems. But despite their significance, vegetation dynamics are often described insufficiently in hydrological models. I wanted to improve this perceived shortcoming and fell down the rabbit hole of ecohydrology.

My current research aims to bring insights and approaches from the fields of plant ecophysiology and trait-based ecology into forest ecohydrological modelling.

I'm married to the love of my life, Anna Hong Xian, a screenwriter for film and television. We live together with our son in Brunswick, Germany.